Fortissimo Artist Statement

Nature. a constantly changing back drop of my life, draws my attention, feeds my soul, brings me peace and joy and an on-going sense of wonder brought by the majesty of the gifts of the earth. As a child my parents allowed me to explore alone in the woods and in a row boat on a deserted lake. As such at an early age I developed a profound love of nature. The photographs ‘Fortissimo’ were born from this sense of love, adventure, and exploration.

As a photographer I have explored the natural world to photograph nature in traditional ways. “Fortissimo” expands on these natural landscape images by combining the technical skills of a photographer with the impressionistic vision of a painter, resulting in images that captures the essence of nature.

Instead of capturing nature with tack sharp documentation type photographs, Fortissimo gives us a sense of the scene using the camera with brush strokes much like a painter. The intent is to capture the essence without worrying about the details. They give a loose, impressionistic, emotional rendition of nature.

Fortissimo images are fun to create. The effects are created in camera using techniques such as intentional camera movement, selective focus, multiple exposures, zooming the image, special lenses, and combinations of techniques. The Fortissimo photographs project bright, colorful, joyful, adventurous, and peaceful celebrations of nature. Enjoy!

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