Luscious Landscapes Artist Statement

“I look; morning to night I am never done with looking…” Mary Oliver

Like this line in a Mary Oliver poem, I am always looking for light, color, and form found within wild and natural places. Open to the bounty of the natural world, whether it be in wild and untamed locations or my backyard, the journey into the experience can be profound and intimate.
Today’s world is a constant cacophony of conflicting stimulation. I find escape and sanctuary in the natural world; a walk around the block or visiting an untamed location, peace and harmony are sure to find me. Centered and peaceful the camera becomes an extension of me allowing light, color and form to fuse with the click of the shutter.
At times the experience can feel spiritual. A camera helps me as it gives my mind a place to focus. I am first drawn to quality of light, then colors, and finally work to blend them into pleasing compositions. I don’t necessarily have a subject in mind but let the myriad colors, shapes, and textures define the composition. If I let myself become one with my environment, the images find me.

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